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GATTI Malaysia Dropship Program

What is Dropshipping?

  • Dropshipping is a sales fulfilment model. In this model, you no need to do product sourcing and keep stock. You just need to focus on selling and marketing the products. You only need to submit your order to GATTI Malaysia when someone buy from you. GATTI Malaysia will deliver the item to your buyer directly for you. This model allows you to operate your online retail business easily and risk free.


What is the Benefit to join GATTI Malaysia Dropship Program?

  • No joining fee
  • No need to keep stock
  • No need to packing and deliver item to your customer
  • Ready stock and fast delivery to your customer's doorstep
  • Wide range of products
  • Risk-free online business
  • Flexible working hour
  • Great profit and immediate income


DO I Need to buy product from GATTI Malaysia? 

  • NO. You do not have to worry about warehousing the products, packaging & shipping, inventory management. All this is taken care for you so you can focus on generating traffic to your store and selling the products.


DO GATTI Malaysia guarantee that all the product is always in stock? 

  • We monitor, adjust and update our products stocks and units on a weekly basis. We also use safe levels in order to make sure products will be available for you. However occasional changes due occur and you are advised to check the stock balance with us before placing order.


How to Join GATTI Malaysia Dropship Program?

Step 1: Click Register link, the link will lead you to register in our platform 

Step 2: Register to be Reseller in customer group

Step 3: Inform admin to approve via whatsapp us.

Step 4: Login to your account and download the product picture that you want to sell. Check the stock availability and uploading the product to your own marketplace and start selling

Step 5: If you got any issue regarding your sales, kindly whatsapp us at +60 11-5633 6887

Remark: You can also join our dropship program via Kumoten Platform